‘I’m Okay’ Incursions

Over the last three weeks we have had three visits from people in our community who look after us and help keep us safe.

We had our second visit from the ROAR team. We learnt about public and private places in our community. They also reminding us about private places on our bodies. We all had a turn at ROARing “NO”. We played some games, read stories and sung some songs. We are looking forward to our next visit in Term 3.

Next up we had a visit from the Responsible Pet Program. We learnt about how to be safe around animals. It is very important that we know how to read warning signs when we are around animals.  We even got to meet a dog and practise how to approach an owner and their dog. We learnt we should always ask the owner before we pat their dog and we must let it smell our hand first!

We then had a visit from a School Crossing Supervisor. We learnt about road safety and that the lollipop people are there to help us every school day. We must always cross at the school crossing and wait until we hear 2 whistles before we can cross. We must STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, and THINK, then we are safely on our way. We got to practise crossing the road. Some of us got to dress up as a lollipop supervisor and some of us were the drivers or pedestrians.

We are looking forward to the CFA visit next week!

Police Visit

This term our Inquiry unit is ‘I’m Okay’. We have been learning about safety, how we can keep ourselves safe and who in our community looks after us. Last week we had a visit from two police officers, Constable Mark and Constable Dave. They shared pictures with us, they showed us their equipment and special uniforms and they even brought their car. We got to see the flashing lights and hear the LOUD siren. They even let us sit in the front of their car-how cool is that! We learnt that the Victorian Police do so much in our community to keep us safe and to help look after us. We are very thankful for their hard work and for coming to visit us. We had a blast!

Looking back on Term 1

What a fabulous start to Prep we have all had. We can’t believe Term 1 is over. We loved learning how to be a school kid and getting use to the routines of each day. As well as playing with friends and making new friendships, getting to know our teachers and visiting all the specialist classes and being a part of all the exciting programs such as PMP, Buddies and Zance.

Some of our Term 1 highlights:

Summer smiles “my first day of school” and Hugo adds “that was scary but fun!”. “Meeting our Buddies” said Jack and Asher. “Zance is pretty cool” laughed Aleyna. “I love that we can play in the sensory garden” said Liam and Will. Maximus and Mitchell agreed, Chinese New Year was the best ever! “PMP every Tuesday and Thursday is great” said Zack. “I like Brain Gym, its relaxing!” giggled Mia. Still smiling, Tomoe decided “breaking my arm was definitely not my favourite part!”. “I like it when we draw” said Sienna and Ava . “I love numbers and maths” Ruby confidently tells us! “I won best dressed on Clean up Dress up Day” says Leah proudly! Hayden and Jamie make us all smile when they tell us they “just love school!”. Andrea enjoyed watching the buddies at House Athletics Day! But…everyone in Prep Q decided they LOVED the canteen visit, “yummy Zooper Doopers!” and the Easter Hat Parade….did you know the Easter Bunny came and left eggs for every Prep!

We can’t wait for another exciting Term but first here are some photos of all our fun in term 1.

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